Our "Pure Water" System


Aquapro Window Cleaners company vehicles have an on board pure water system which is used in conjunction with the pole system to ensure a perfect streak and smear free finish for every application. This system uses a process called reverse osmosis to completely purify the water before it is applied to your windows through the pole. This, effectively distilled, water contains no particles or impurities so that even if left on glass the water will evaporate to a mirror finish leaving no marks.

Our on board pure water system holds hundreds of litres, allowing us to undertake even the biggest of corporate window cleaning contracts, or many individual residential cleaning jobs without stopping or any nearby water source.

This system not only allows us to provide a perfect finish on every pane, but is also environmentally sound, producing only normal water as a by product!


Pure Water System
Pole System

Carbon Fibre Water Fed Pole System


Easily adjustable to allow us to clean windows up to six storeys high from the complete safety of the ground. The water fed pole system almost totally eliminates the need for elevated platforms, booms or cherry pickers 

The pole system can also allow us to access and clean windows which would otherwise be inaccessable through the use of normal ladders or scaffolding.

The purified water from the on board unit is pumped through the length of the pole to the specially designed head, allowing us to scrub, clean and rinse windows, doors, skylights etc in almost any location.